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Ultra Kit – Quick Repair Kit for Active Pipe Leaks

– No shutdown required
– Repairs leak in 30 minutes
– Repairs under active leak up to 150 psi (11kg/cm2) pressure – Applicable to pipes up to 18″ (457 mm)
– Withstand pressure up to 500 psi (35 kg/cm2)
– Withstand temperature up to 392°F (200°C)

1 roll of Fiberglas Tape
1 roll of Self Fusing Tape
1 unit of Epoxi Stick Quick Cure
1 pair of latex gloves

Bandage Size
Ultra Tape
Product Code
Pipe DiametroNumber of Rolls Required / Size os the tape roll
50 psi | 4Kg/cm | 10 layers150 psi | 11Kg/cm | 15 layers400 psi | 28Kg/cm | 20 layers
1/2"1 / TP2121 / TP2121 / TP212
3/4"1 / TP2121 / TP2121 / TP212
1"1 / TP2121 / TP2121 / TP212
1.1/4"1 / TP2121 / TP2121 / TP212
1.1/2"1 / TP2121 / TP2121 / TP212
2"1 / TP2121 / TP2121 / TP212
2.1/2"1 / TP2121 / TP2121 / TP212
3"1 / TP2121 / TP4121 / TP412
4"1 / TP4121 / TP4121 / TP412
Pipe DiametroNumber of Rolls Required / Size os the tape roll
50 psi | 4Kg/cm | 10 layers150 psi | 11Kg/cm | 15 layers400 psi | 28Kg/cm | 20 layers
5"1 / TP4121 / TP4122 / TP412
6"1 / TP4122 / TP4123 / TP412
8"2 / TP4123 / TP4124 / TP412
10"3 / TP4124 / TP4126 / TP412
12"4 / TP4125 / TP4128 / TP412
14"2 / TP5203 / TP5204 / TP520
16"3 / TP5204 / TP5205 / TP520
18"3 / TP5204 / TP5205 / TP520

Surface Preparation

Stop the pipe flow
Roughen the area to the repaired

Stop the Leak

Knead the Epoxi Stick
Place the Epoxy Stick away from the leak location
Start wrapping the Self Fusing Tape a few distance away from the leak location
Continue to wrap the Self Fusing Tape onto pipe while pushing the Epoxy Stick onto leak location

Reinforce Leak Area

Immerse the Fiberglass tape in the water
Wrap the Fiberglass tape around the repair area as tightly and evenly as possible using the entire roll
Discard the plastic tube at the end of the roll
Wet gloves in water and quickly compress the bubbling resins back into the fiberglass wrap

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