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Quick curing, 100% solids, ceramic filled wearing compound with special reinforcement matrix with Aramid fibers for increased abrasion and impact resistance. Good chemical resistance with presence of caustics and acids. Easily applied by trowel, putty knife or by hand with latex gloves.

  • Perfect for repairs and patches
  • Extreme adherence on steel, bronze, aluminum, concrete
  • Protection against corrosion and abrasion

Application Areas:



Technical Data

Maximum Temperature (Dependent on service)Wet Service | Dry Service70°C | 93°C158°F | 200°F
Flexural Strength(ASTM D 790)560 kg/cm2 (54.2 MPa)8,000 psi
Pull-Off Adhesion(ASTM D 4541)330 kg/cm2 (32.4 MPa)4,700 psi
Tensile Strength(ASTM D 638)240 kg/cm2 (23.4 MPa)3,400 psi
Hardness of the Shore D Durometer(ASTM D 2240)85
Working time25 min / kg at 72ºF
SAG Vertical Resistance at 21ºC (70ºF) and 0.625mm (25mils)No sagging
Mix Ratio2:1 by WeightBase: Activator
Shelf life (unopened containers)3 Years at 55-95ºF (13-35ºC)

Application Sheet

Surface Preparation
Proper surface preparation is critical to the long-term performance of this product. The exact requirements for surface preparation vary with the severity of the application, expected service life, and the initial substrate conditions. All sharp edges and welds shall be ground smooth or to a 3mm (120 mil) radius before abrasive blasting. Optimum preparation will provide a surface thoroughly cleaned of all contaminants and roughened to an angular profile between 75-125μm (3-5 mil). This is normally achieved by initial cleaning and degreasing and then abrasive blasting to a cleanliness of Near White Metal, or by mechanical preparation.

Thoroughly mix Activator into Base with mixing stick or drill with low speed mixing blade scraping sides and bottom of container or mixing board. Mix by Weight 2-parts Base to 1-part Activator. Mix thoroughly to produce an even colored and streak- free material. THINNING: Never thin.

Use heavy plastic squeegee or putty knife to apply a 3mm minimum thickness. Work material into profile of substrate to achieve maximum adhesive and to remove any entrapped air. Contour to correct form with putty knife or plastic applicator. If mold or form is used be sure to coat its surface with a release agent to prevent adhesion of the material.

Application Temperature: Keep between 55 to 95ºF (17 to 35ºC). Substrate: keep between 45 to 105ºF (7 to 40ºC). the difference in temperature of the substrate and the material should never exceed 10ºF, 5ºC. Substrate shall be a minimum of 5ºF (3ºC) above dew point. Do not apply if relative humidity exceeds 90%. If necessary, heat the metal prior to surface preparation using electric heater or heat lamp. Never use gas, oil or kerosene heaters as they will leave a greasy residue on metal surface. For best results keep all material in warm area overnight (75ºF+) for ease of mixing.



Cured time

16°C (60°F)25°C (77°F)32°C (90°F)
Tack Free45 min.30 min.20 min.
Light Load1 hr.45 min.30 min.
Overcoat End1 hr.45 min.30 min.
Full Load1.5 hrs.1 hr.45 min.
Complete Chemical4 hrs.3 hrs.2 hrs.

Use commercial solvents (acetone, xylene, alcohol, MEK) to clean tools immediately after use. Once cured, the material would have to be burned.

Before using any products, review the appropriate Safety Data Sheet (SDS) or Safety Sheet for your area. Follow standard confined space entry and work procedures, if appropriate.

Download Product Data Sheet PDF

Download Safety Data Sheet PDF

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